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The last 33 MoTA-exhibits

Ehon Ducks on the Loose in the Print Studio Devenir
I Got a Pink Eye on You Hand Stamp My Last 3 Cups of Tea
Mary - Pubic Hairs 1/9/05 Robot Fragile
Artist's book Der Zahn der Zeit Eva H.'s Index Finger
Bubblegum Mini-Stamps Tiny Red Boot Green Black Nana
B is for Broken Bird Speaky Stones - Found on Panorama MyMiniMaraca
Playing Strange Games with the Girls of the Island Automotive History All Crumpled & Tied-Up I Button You to Death
hello me? Der Tod in der Disco My 'Outdoor'
Brown Paper Bag Box Portrait of Rachel Nicole Doherty Wearable Walls
Homage to the Vacuum Oodles of Love Objekt-Dia (ohne Titel)
Happiness MoTA-Stamp 2000-2010 Canned Universe

This week's selection from the MoTA archive:

21.05.2003: ooooh! by Deborah Colotti, USA
11.08.2007: G.E.C.K.O. by Gianni Simone, Japan
02.10.2000: ohne Titel - no title by Benjamin Böhm, Germany
10.02.2007: Fluxus Eraser by Ben Tripe, Belgium
26.10.2002: "ich erst ich" 'Me first me' [literally] by Harald "Sack" Ziegler, Germany
16.10.2005: String too small for use by Hazel Jones, UK
12.01.2008: Heligoland / Helgoland by PLG, Germany
03.06.2009: Tiny Red Boot by Sonya Gropman, USA
06.07.2008: Front / Back by Reid Wood - State of Being, USA
17.01.2010: Speaky Stones - Found on Panorama by Louise Weinberg, USA
18.10.2003: "PORTRAIT" RITRATTO by Roberto Scala,
20.05.2007: La Bicicletta by Bruno Chiarlone, Italy
11.12.2005: Peace Booklet #1 - November 2005 by Pati Bristow, USA
12.04.2006: Bullhead by Pierpaolo Limongelli, Italy
02.05.2007: Busted technology by Avery Neal, USA
21.03.2006: Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? by Rufus Curnow, UK
07.02.2003: Peace comes from within by Guido Vermeulen, Belgium
11.11.2008: Museo Civico by Bruno Chiarlone, Italy
07.10.2005: Plane/deer/Gutenberg by A1 Wastepaper Ltd. - Michael Leigh, UK
18.02.2007: Chewed Hamster Drawing by Archie L-J, UK
26.04.2009: Tractor Shell by Emily Sciulli, USA
20.01.2007: Pilgrims by Margaret Flood, Canady
22.02.2006: Willi Wonka by Yves Maraux, France
22.05.2008: Note to a Friend in a Faraway Land by Jenny Hamel, USA
02.01.2004: Wie sie wurden, was sie sind Teil 2: Ich werde einmal ein Zahnstocher - How they became what they are, part 2: One day I'll be a toothpick by Angela Stadthaus, Germany
01.09.2007: o.T. by Thorsten Fuhmann, Germany
16.07.2004: Barbie-Bär - Barbie-Bear by Daniel Behrendt, Germany
16.07.2004: The Tree of Poetry by Tiziana Baracchi, Italy
18.02.2007: Little Art Soldier by Yves Maraux, France
01.10.2004: clout by Debra Kayes, USA
14.09.2009: B is for Broken Bird by Siobhan Tarr, Germany
20.02.2005: Two shells for my family by Barry Edgar Pilcher, Ireland
25.03.2009: Eiffel Tower by Reid Wood - State of Being, USA


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