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by Jean-Claude Babois, France

exhibit Nr.534

Description: Sculpture realized with olive-tree of Provence. Two screws and one ring (metalics).

Comments/Origin: Questa esculptura es titolada dins la lenga provencala qu'es encara parlada per Jean-Claude Babois naissut en 1944 a Carnoules (VAR) vilatge de Provencao.

This sculpture has a title in the provencal language that is still spoken by Jean-Claude Babois born in 1944 in Carnoules (VAR) a village in the Provence country.
The olive tree is coming from this village.
The sculptor had realized a fantastic beast-ship with different woods.

Next exhibition: Forum du Casino de Hyeres (VAR); end of May 2006 (Festival de l'Anche)

entered the Museum of Temporary Art on: 21.02.2006

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