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Rolling Apples

Rolling Apples
by Tiziana Baracchi, Italy

exhibit Nr.286


Comments/Origin: For centuries the man-painter filles canvas with everyday more unnatural colours to reproduce reality. Trees and landscapes, noble people or poor children with tear paintings are made with good or better ability. Someone appeared to be an able partisan, others to be artist.
Certainly the most lucky painters passed to the History of Art, but sometimes they were not the best.
In the XX Century the Futuristi's wave gave a turn to the History of Art above all in the mood to do Art. Lucio Fontana cut the canvas, giving the possibility to go on the other side.
For us,. artists of the end of the Century but above all of the new Millennium the most important thing is the Idea. We are not interested to put oursellves to the test with skill between canvas and colours. We consider some great Masters of the past insuperable.
All things were painted. We want to do something else. Above all we love to communicate. Nowadays it is the objective of man.
We are already on the other side.
Yesterday is the Past and it is always Tomorrow.

entered the Museum of Temporary Art on: 16.07.2004

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